Permanent makeup is a cosmetic process that uses micropigmentation (tattooing) to enhance the color and shape of your facial features. Permanent makeup renders definition and color to eyebrows, eyelids and lips. It can mimic the look of just-applied lipstick, lip liner, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner, or it can be quite unnoticeable, depending upon the design, color value and amount of pigment you choose. In other words, you can opt to simply enhance your natural look or go for something more dramatic.

Machine Hair Stroke Eyebrows are created one hair stroke at a time with a single nano fine needle to push pigment under the skin, which looks identical to Microblading.  The Machine Hair Stroke technique doesn’t require the skin to be cut open to apply the pigment, it’s less traumatic to the skin, heals faster and it lasts 1 to 3 years depending on your skin type and daily routines. The major benefit of machine hair-strokes is that the skin will rarely bleed which aids in the retention of the pigment.

Recommended: All skin types including mature or oily skin.

Microblading is also created one hair stroke at a time using a hand held tool containing 6-18 micro needles in a line creating a very sharp blade used to create small cuts in the skin, hence the name microblade.
Microblading creates very fine cuts in the skin (Just like a paper cut) so the pigment can be applied under the open skin then closed creating subtle natural-looking brows by mimicking the strokes of eyebrow hairs. This technique can last up to 1 year.

Recommended: Younger clients with normal or dry skin.

Not Recommended: For skin that is thin, fair, vascular, experiencing hyperpigmentation, rosacea, mature or prone to scarring.

Shading is an eyebrow styling technique that uses a digital machine to place extremely thin dots of pigment into the skin, creating a soft shaded brow pencil look. Good for all skin types, can be used to cover-up older permanent makeup – less maintenance and more longevity.

Recommended: All skin types including mature or oily skin.

Brows are created using a combination of the Hairstrokes technique at the front of the eyebrow and the shading technique from the middle of the eyebrow to the tail.

Recommended: All skin types including mature or oily skin.

Hybrid Eyebrows are created using a combination of Hairstrokes & Ombre Shading techniques.

This gives an incredibly natural looking brow. It’s more defined and filled in than just straight hair strokes look and a bit less solid and dramatic than Ombre Shading fill.

Recommended: All skin types including mature or oily skin.

Microblading requires a manual tool to deposit pigment into the first layer of the skin. Powder Brows or Ombre shading requires a machine to disperse fine dots (pixels) of pigment across the surface. Microblading produces hair strokes, whereas ombre shading mimics a soft powder makeup look.

Microblading is a hot topic in the beauty industry, many individuals are changing their life and their daily routines. The thought of being able to wake up to beautiful brows every morning without all the fuss is a game changer. On average, those individuals who are good candidates for microblading can reap the benefits from it for up to a year with good color retention. The newest version of the microblading process, Machine Hair Strokes is now on the rise which can provide an even more sophisticated and natural looking eyebrow with longer lasting color retention with less risk.

For example, normal to dry skin types are perfect candidates for microblading. However, if you have oily skin, Machine Hair Strokes will be your better option. It has better retention of the pigment and less chance of creating blurred strokes over time due to the skin’s high production of oil. Both techniques will eventually fade over time, touchup sessions will replenish the pigment.

  • Saves you money. Years of eyebrow pencils, eyeliners and lipsticks.
  • Time-saver. No more trying to draw on eyebrows or eyeliner every morning or night before going out.
  • Stress-free. Forget trembling hands, it takes the frustration out of creating your perfect look every day.
  • Looking perfect every day. Spend the day without having to worry if it’s smudged or even. Go swimming or exercise knowing it won’t run.
  • Confidence. Having beautiful makeup will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Permanent Makeup is NOT recommended if:

  • You are under the age of 18.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You are undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation treatments.
  • You are taking prescribed medications on a daily basis including Antibiotics, Steroids or Blood Thinners.
  • You have skin conditions such as Keloid, Skin Diseases, or issues to include Rosacea or Overly-Sensitive Skin.
  • You have had Botox within the last month.
  • You have Diabetes type 1 or epilepsy.


Please inform your artist if you have any allergies, medical conditions, or take any medications.

Before either technique is started, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anesthetic. You might feel a slight discomfort but it is almost painless.

Your eyebrow tattoo will take up to 6-8 weeks to fully heal. When the scabbing comes off (usually takes 5-10 days) the eyebrow area may seem faint, this is because a fresh layer of skin has healed over the eyebrow tattoo. Give your brows a few weeks and the eyebrow tattoo will come back and become clearer.

The appointment usually takes 2-3 hours, and most of the time is spent going over drawing the shape of your eyebrows and picking the right color in order to ensure that your eyebrow tattoo turns out perfect.

Permanent Makeup typically lasts 1-3 years for most people before they need a touch up. Cosmetic tattoo treatments are considered permanent and will not wash off – however, they will fade over time and may need to be refreshed every 1-2 years. Depending on skin types and routines. Those who do not follow aftercare instructions properly may require more frequent permanent makeup touch-ups.

  • DON’T expect your procedure to heal perfectly after the first session. This is usually a 2 step process involving a touchup after the first session to retouch areas that didn’t take the pigment. BE PATIENT.
  • Immediately after your procedure your eyebrows will appear dark and this will last up to 2 weeks. Your eyebrows can appear more solid, hair strokes may seem to disappear or it may look wet and painted on. The appearance will change daily as the skin heals, THIS IS NORMAL.
  • Around days 4-5 you will experience scabbing and your brows will look dry and flakey. DO NOT PICK your scabs, let them fall off naturally. If scabbing gets picked off from the procedure prematurely it will pull the pigment out of the skin causing patchy brows and missing hair strokes.
  • Your procedure will take 6-8 weeks to fully heal. When the scabbing comes off the hair strokes may seem faint or disappear this is because a fresh layer of skin has healed over the eyebrow. Give your brows a few weeks and the hair strokes will come back and become clearer.
  • You may experience itchiness in the brows after 5 days and up to 2 months due to the healing process of the dermal layer.
  • Each person’s eyebrows heal differently. Hair strokes can heal clean and crisp or powdery.
  • Hair strokes for oilier skin types tend to heal more solid and powdery while drier skin types tend to heal more crisp and defined.
  • Additionally some clients tend to bleed more than normal during the procedure, we find they need a touchup because the blood pushes the pigment out the skin during the procedure.
  • You should expect to feel sore for at least two to three hours after the procedure.
  • Remember the color is going to be very dark for the first few days until it starts healing.
  • “Don’t worry it will fade up to 30% to 50% depending on your skin type”.
  • If you experience itching, this just means it is in the process of healing and might be dry.
  • Please do not scratch it! You will pull the ink out and possibly cause an infection!
  • Applying a thin coat of ointment will help relieve the itch.

A touch up is always required after 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment when your artist will assess progress and see if you need to change your aftercare routine. We recommend having your eyebrows touch-up every 1-2 years.


Bear in mind that clients who choose a softer look and a lighter color, or don’t follow the aftercare instructions carefully may require more touch up appointments.

If you have been tattooed elsewhere and need a touch-up, please contact us for a consultation first or send us close-up pictures of your eyebrows in good daylight for review. Then we can discuss your options for scheduling an appointment.